Denomega Nutritional Oils


Denomega Nutritional Oils is part of Borregaard Ingredients, a Norwegian company focused on developing ingredients from natural sources. Borregaard is owned by ORKLA, one of the largest companies listed on the Norwegian stock exchange with annual revenues of about US$ 10 Billion. 
Denomega Nutritional Oils has a 95 years history having changed name from Denofa Specialty Oils in 2005. Although a significant player on the Omega-3 supplement market, where the majority of our sales are generated from, we focus our efforts towards the food and beverage market. The reason for this focus is our unique and leading concepts around taste and odor free technologies. This technology is establishing Denomega Nutritional Oils as the leading supplier of Omega-3 solutions to the food and beverage market with more than 50 commercial products with Denomega Omega-3 inside. 
The company's headquarters are in Fredrikstad, Norway about one hour south of the capital, Oslo. The company operates plants are operated not only in Fredrikstad, but also, Sarpsborg, Leknes (Lofoten Islands) and Alesund. The products are marketed through our global (Borregaard) network of offices and distributors, but with focused support from our Denomega sales offices in Fredrikstad (Norway), Boulder (Colorado, USA) and Singapore.

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