Decas Botanical Synergies, LLC


Decas Botanical Synergies (DBS)​ is a developer, manufacturer, and marketer of value-added ingredients derived from fruits for the dietary supplement, functional foods, animal feed and nutrition, personal care and cosmetics, and oral health industries. With an expertise in cranberry, DBS​ uses the cranberry as the foundation to provide proprietary botanical ingredients targeted toward specific health-related issues.

DBS​ leverages more than 70-years of success in the cranberry business. The establishment of DBS​ in 2002 represented a natural evolution for its parent company - Decas Cranberry Products, Inc​., which, since 1934, has been a major grower, processor and supplier of premium cranberries worldwide. Today, Decas Cranberry Products supplies more than 50 million pounds per year of premium cranberry product to consumers, retailers and the food industry around the globe.