Dalian Innobioactives Co., Ltd.



Innobioactives Co., Ltd. (INNOBIO) was founded in 2003 to create, develop, manufacture, and market high purity natural compounds, extracted from natural ingredients using sophisticated technology and creative scientific innovation. We are specialists at extraction methods, refining, purification, and modification of natural bioactive compounds for the functional food, supplement, cosmetic, animal feed and pharmaceutical industry.



At INNOBIO, our scientists and engineers are experts in transferring specialty applications from the lab to an efficient industrial setting. Development of sophisticated techniques for chemical extraction, separation, concentration, modification and purification of plant compounds on an industrial scale have enabled INNOBIO to become a leader in the production of highly pure natural compounds.



Our newest products InnoMega™​, XanGuard™​, and DurOmega™​ are developed to the highest standards for applications in food, supplements, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.



We use only the finest non-GMO seed oils and select marine oils for our InnoMega™​ concentrated fatty acids. InnoMega™​ products are available either as blends, free fatty acids, or in a triglyceride form.



INNOBIO produces XanGuard™​ carotenoid products using proprietary processes to extract, purify and concentrate these natural chemical compounds as stable ready to use ingredients for a variety of applications.



DurOmega™​ microencapsulated powders provide a great range of beneficial properties appropriate for food and beverages or supplements. INNOBIO has taken extra care in perfecting this technology. All of DurOmega™​ products are high-purity, stable, free flowing water dispersible powders.