Cyvex Nutrition Inc./ Omega Protein Corporation


Cyvex Nutrition Inc. a subsidiary of Omega Protein Corporation

Cyvex Nutrition, Inc. is a branded ingredient supplier whose goal is to support optimal health and wellness through natural ingredient innovations. In 2012, Cyvex became a subsidiary of Omega Protein Corporation and now forms the corporation’s Human Nutrition platform, providing both nutraceutical ingredients and quality fish oil products.

Founded in 1984, Cyvex is the trusted supplier of a wide range of clinically researched, branded ingredients. These ingredients undergo extensive testing and follow strict manufacturing procedures to ensure superior quality, efficacy and safety. In addition, Cyvex verifies the identity and purity of all incoming raw materials. This exclusive quality assurance process, referred to as NutriPrint® certification, utilizes third-party, independent laboratories. These laboratories identify the ingredient and its bio-active components, and test for heavy metals, pesticides, solvent residues and other compounds.

In addition to safety and quality, Cyvex is known for its pioneering spirit. Rather than source imitators, Cyvex has repeatedly re-defined ingredient categories through product innovations. One example is how Cyvex redefined the antioxidant category with high ORAC signature products like BioVin®, BerryVin™ and Euro Black Currant. Other innovations include OmegaPure® (long-chain omega-3s designed for functional food applications), SOLATHIN® (a potato-based ingredient that increases satiety and reduces appetite) and AvoVida (an avocado-soy extract with wide-ranging joint- and heart-health benefits).

Regardless of the ingredient category, Cyvex relies on rigorous science to test the efficacy and support the health benefits of its product offerings. As a result, nutrition companies have come to depend on Cyvex for science-based ingredient innovations, and often request custom ingredients for their unique product formulation needs. They know if the ingredient comes from Cyvex, quality and safety come standard. 

For more information on our branded ingredients or to source a custom ingredient, please call at (888) 99-CYVEX (29839), or email us at


Find out more about our new signature ingredients:

  • ΩmegaActiv®

A complete product offering of omega-3 fish oils and concentrates


Pure and natural potato protein powder, an excellent source of PI-2

  • Cognisetin ™

Patented ingredient, greater than 98% fisetin

  • BroccoPlus ™, Broccophane ®, BroccoSinolate

A combined source of glucosinolates and free sulforaphane

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