Chrysantis, Inc.

Chrysantis, Inc.

Chrysantis, Inc.​, a new subsidiary of Ball Horticultural, is dedicated to developing and marketing high quality plant-derived specialty ingredients for the dietary supplements and functional foods industry. Chrysantis' first undertaking is bringing to market proprietary Marigold extracts with high content of natural zeaxanthin for use in maintaining eye health.

With 40 years of successful experience in Marigold breeding, Ball developed unique high-ratio zeaxanthin-to-lutein Marigolds. A typical Marigold flower carotenoid profile is 80 percent lutein and 5 percent zeaxanthin. Chrysantis has obtained a wide range of proprietary zeaxanthin-lutein Marigolds with profiles that range from 75 percent zeaxanthin and 5 percent lutein to 50 percent zeaxanthin and 50 percent lutein.

The latest research on eye health preservation shows that zeaxanthin may have a unique, distinctive role in protecting the macula and the lens, and that lutein might not be enough. As we learn more about AMD, zeaxanthin supplementation will become more prevalent among people 55 years and older as an important way to compensate for the relatively low levels of zeaxanthin in food.

Additionally, Chrysantis has a strong pipeline of new extracts from Marigolds capable of producing, for example, beta-carotene and lycopene.

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