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Whey protein isolate supports healthy aging

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Whey protein isolate supports healthy aging

An adult’s need for protein doesn’t decline with age, yet many seniors find themselves eating less. One reason is that aging can diminish the sense of taste and smell, making food less palatable. Another is that medications commonly taken by elders can also blunt the appetite. Chewing meats can become more difficult with age. And finally, some people lose part of their capacity to digest proteins. For all these reasons, a high proportion of seniors don’t get enough protein in their diets. Some go on to develop sarcopenia – or clinical protein malnutrition.

Foods made with Hilmar Ingredients’ whey protein isolate (WPI), a concentrated source of protein, can help meet the needs of this population. Whey protein is particularly easy to digest and so, researchers believe, a high proportion of whey protein makes its way into the muscles of elderly people. A complete protein, whey protein contains all the essential amino acids in an optimum blend for human consumption. It has a PER of 3.2 and “perfect” PDCAAS of 1.0. And, as WPI is greater than 90% protein, it contains no more than 1% lactose and fat, so is ideal for sensitive diets. Along with nutritional contributions, WPI from Hilmar Ingredients offers key functionalities for creating enjoyable foods and beverages. These include excellent clarity and clean flavor, as well as stability across a wide pH range, in particular near 4.5, and heat stability across all forms of processing (aseptic, flash pasteurization and retort).

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