Whey protein hydrolysates – the next generation of proteins

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Whey protein hydrolysates – the next generation of proteins

Whey in sports nutrition continues to grow. 42,7% of all sport nutrition products in 2014 included whey but what´s the next big thing within sports nutrition? The answer is hydrolysates.

The most common known forms of whey proteins are whey protein concentrate and isolate but there is yet another “undiscovered” protein called whey protein hydrolysates. The difference here is not the concentration of proteins but the size of the protein units.  

The hydrolysation process breaks the proteins into smaller units, making it easier for the gut to digest and therefore transporting the proteins faster into the muscles, promoting a very fast muscle recovery.

Together with Aarhus University and Team Denmark, Arla Foods Ingredients have investigated the benefits of whey proteins hydrolysates for endurance athletes. The result is Lacprodan®​ HYDRO.365.

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