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Uniquely optimized, highly concentrated (65%) powdered glycerol

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Glanbia Nutritionals, Inc

With today’s consumers pushing the boundaries of personal fitness and the sports nutrition market booming, product developers are looking for an edge. HydroMax​ glycerol powder 65% is that edge. A uniquely optimized and highly concentrated form of glycerol, HydroMax​ is a proprietary blend of glycerol and silica made for easy inclusion in ready-to-mix and capsule applications. HydroMax™ offers all the benefits of glycerol without the drawbacks. In rigorous studies glycerol has been shown to improve athletic results through hyperhydration, offer increased endurance and promote a more pumped physique.

HydroMax​ from Glanbia Nutritionals for next-level hydration and next-gen formulations. 

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