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The Future of Functional Beverages

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The Future of Functional Beverages

Out with the old, in with the new!
 VIRUN continues innovation in foods, beverages and supplements by incorporating water insoluble compounds that are difficult to add into beverages, such as water-soluble, clear-dissolving and stable OmegaH2O®​ EPA DHA, PQQwater™ Pyrroloquinoline quinone, CurcuminClear, AstaxH2O™, CoenzymeClear™, Resveratrol or Phytosterols. Vitamin E derived Esolv®​ enables clean-label claim; no polyoxylates, BVO or sorbates.
 More-readily-available-for-absorption claims using DPtechnology™. Complete co-packing from shots, smoothies to beverage manufacturing.
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