Targeting 18-54: How Innovative Science Can Grow the Cognitive Market for Healthy Adults

Format: External webinar | Document type: Webinar

PLT Health Solutions
Much of the work on cognitive health today focuses on the two ends of the age spectrum – brain development in early childhood and decline in the aging population. Overlooked with this approach is what may be the most commercially attractive market segment of all – healthy adults aged 18-54.This presentation explores opportunities to leverage science to develop and support the growth of a cognitive health market that targets healthy adults interested in peak cognitive performance, a greater sense of well-being and a better overall quality of life. The application of novel technologies – such as fMRI and EEG – to dietary ingredients can drive research approaches that offer new ways of understanding how natural compounds affect cognition – and how claims can be made. In addition, new research approaches present opportunities to help marketers deliver on what the 18-54 group is looking for: experiential, short term and task-oriented performance.These issues will be explored in the context of PLT Health Solutions’ portfolio of cognitive health ingredients that addresses memory/learning, cognitive performance, mood/stress and satiety.


Barbara A. Davis Barbara A. Davis, PhD RD Vice President of Medical & Scientific Affairs
PLT Health Solutions

Seth Flowerman Seth Flowerman Executive Vice President
PLT Health Solutions

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