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Bone and Joint Health online event 2016

Solutions for Chronic Inflammation and Joint Health

Valensa International | Recorded the 29-Jun-2016 | Webinar

Dr. Rudi Moerck, CEO of Valensa International will address the importance of reducing chronic inflammation in the muscles and joints. He will discuss the...

Kemin Human Nutrition & Health

A New Ingredient for Cognitive Performance

Kemin Human Nutrition & Health | Recorded the 02-Sep-2015 | Webinar

To perform at a high level in our personal and professional lives, we need the ability to prioritize and multi-task effectively.This requires a special...


Managing Cognitive Health Naturally

Sabinsa Corporation | Recorded the 02-Sep-2015 | Webinar

As the baby boomers generation comes to age and with longer active working life, there has been a growing need to understand how to maintain the cognitive...


Longvida® Curcumin : Blood Brain Barrier and Beyond

Verdure Sciences | Recorded the 02-Sep-2015 | Webinar

Verdure’s webinar on Longvida curcumin will offer a review of the science and brain health benefits associated with Longvida supplementation. Dr. Meletis...

Balanced blood sugar levels for long term health

Balanced blood sugar levels for long term health

Beneo Connecting Nutrition & Health | Recorded the 23-Apr-2015 | Webinar

Consumer surveys show that the awareness for a healthy diet and lifestyle increases among consumers worldwide. Sugar content and carbohydrate quality are...

Using Barley to Formulate Healthy Food Products

Using Barley to Formulate Healthy Food Products

Alberta Barley Commission | Recorded the 22-Jan-2015 | Webinar

Learn about the health advantages of barley. A flavourful whole grain, barley is an excellent source of β-glucan soluble fibre, which can lower cholesterol...

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