Solutions for Chronic Inflammation and Joint Health

Format: External webinar | Document type: Webinar

Bone and Joint Health online event 2016
Dr. Rudi Moerck, CEO of Valensa International will address the importance of reducing chronic inflammation in the muscles and joints. He will discuss the properties of a clinically proven, patented (non glucosamine) formulation developed by Valensa for its Flex Pro line. Flex Pro MD® is over three times more effective than Glucosamine & Chondroitin at reducing joint discomfort. It contains phospholipid based Omega 3s, Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin and Flexuron® (unique proprietary HA). He will explain how it provides joint discomfort relief and improves joint function by reducing inflammation & oxidative stress within joints as well as restoring connective tissue & synovial fluid.


Dr. Rudi Moerck Dr. Rudi Moerck CEO
Valensa International