"Smart" Ingredients Require "Smart" Delivery Technologies

Format: External webinar | Document type: Webinar

Join Philip Bromley, CEO and Co-founder of Virun NutraBIOsciences to discuss the correlation between Pharmacokinetics of cognitive ingredients and their stability in finished products. Want to learn how to create an electrical-surge to fuel your brain all day? Virun NutraBIOsciences has the answers, learn how you can add never before fortified cognitive ingredients to supplements, beverages, shots and/or liquid products so that they are stable and taste great. Ingredients such as Nervonic Acid Omega 9, Phosphatidylserine, PQQ, and DHA Omega 3 can be added to your high acid beverage or supplement that are stable and shown to be more readily available for absorption.


Philip Bromley Philip James Bromley CEO and Co-founder
Virun Nutrabiosciences

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