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Research review: Enhanced blood glutathione levels by oral supplementation

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Enhanced GSH Blood Levels From Oral Glutathione

A recent human clinical trial showed that oral supplementation of Setria®​ glutathione (GSH) increased levels of GSH in the blood. The study found that the increase was in most cases dose and time dependent, and that levels returned to baseline after a one-month washout.

The researchers also examined immune function markers and found that cytotoxicity was enhanced more than two-fold for participants taking 1000mg daily for three months. These findings support claims of oral glutathione’s bioavailability as well as its potential to enhance immune function.

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Multi-tasking Antioxidant with Targeted Benefits

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Multi-tasking Antioxidant with Targeted Benefits

Known as ’The Master Antioxidant’, Glutathione is one of the body’s most comprehensive molecules for whole-body support. Learn more about Setria® Glutathione.

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