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Provon® A-190 Whey Protein Isolate System

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Provon® A-190 Whey Protein Isolate System

Provon® A-190 is the best protein solution for high-acid beverages, delivering great-tasting results. Utilizing a proprietary, patent-pending process, Provon A-190 allows for better flavor expression with less acid burn and astringency. The astringency associated with acidifying is practically eliminated, reducing your cost of acid maskers, as well as additional flavors and sweeteners. Provon A-190 disperses more readily and foams less than other whey proteins, saving you time and costs on your beverage processing line. Reduced foaming helps decrease ingredient costs, while high solubility allows you to bottle faster. In recent internal consumer testing at Glanbia Nutritionals, two high-protein beverages were compared for taste: one made with Provon A-190 and the other with a standard whey protein isolate. A randomized consumer preference test was conducted to determine overall preference between beverages. The results were impressive. Eighty percent of consumers chose the Provon A-190 beverage over the alternative. The patent-pending process of Provon A-190 has been shown to significantly impact the processing of protein drinks. With standard whey protein isolates, the amount of foam created during mixing and protein hydration poses a substantial challenge to beverage processors. Time is lost and additives are required to help reduce foam, slowing the production process down and possibly resulting in increased product failure during filling operations. Provon A-190 foams less than standard whey protein isolates by going into solution faster. In a foaming study conducted by Glanbia, a 10 percent solution of different whey proteins and Provon A-190 were each mixed for one minute. After standing for five minutes, the foam content of Provon A-190 was significantly less than the standard whey protein isolate. Provon A-190 can be used in a range of beverage applications, including powdered beverage mixes, sports and isotonic beverages, fortified juices and smoothies. In short, Provon A-190 helps you expand your market opportunities with great-tasting high-acid beverages with protein.

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