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Prominent water-soluble lutein, mangosteen, octacosanol

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Prominent water-soluble lutein, mangosteen, octacosanol

Canfo Natural Products​ has achieved high-purity water-soluble lutein, mangosteen extract and octacosanol and foresees its products will take the lead in the world market place.

Water soluble lutein

Now we provides both 10% and 15% water-soluble lutein, and they are uncommon specifications with high purity in the market.
Meanwhile, our research department is proceeding to work on innovative technologies such as microencapsulation with advanced nanotechnology. Using nano-microencapsulation, we are expected to further improve the absorbability and bioavailability of our products. In the application of nanotechnology, we aspire to explore high-purity water-soluble lutein up to the 80% level, which is translucent when the powder evenly disperses in water.

Water soluble mangosteen extract

Mangosteen is considered as the queen of fruits for its superb antioxidant properties. Although traditionally Mangosteen products have been insoluble in water. We have broken this limitation and has developed 3-5% microencapsulated mangosteen extract, which is free flowing powder with good dispersal in water. Most important, this ideal mangosteen extract preserves the original flavor of the delicious Mangosteen fruit.

Water soluble octacosanol

Octacosanol is insoluble in water and hard to dissolve in oil. At the moment, water soluble octacosanol is not available in the market. However, we have succeeded in making it into microcapsules, which dissolve evenly in water. The technology not only facilitates the human absorbability and bioavailability of octacosanol, but also enables its application in the effervescent tablet and beverages manufacture. Canfo aims to be the first to bring this product to market. We will keep on improving this technology and research, and developing more high-quality products.

Water soluble coenzyme Q10

We also provides 20% water soluble coenzyme Q10, a pale yellow to bright yellow free flowing powder. This product is used as a nutrient supplement for use in food, drinks, confectionery or dairy products, as well effervescent tablets.

Other high-purity botanical ingredients

Mangosteen extract
mangostin 10%, 50%, 90%

Marigold extract
Lutein 50%, 60%, 80%

Tribulus terrestris extract
Protodioscin 20%, 40%, 50%

Wild yam extract
Dioscin 50%, 95%

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