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We’re Breathing New Life into the Omega-3 Market

Aker BioMarine | 07-Mar-2016 | Product Brochure

Aker BioMarine has launched a new technology called Flexitech™ that will change the krill market forever. Armed with the ability to up-concentrate krill...


VEGAN CLA TG Powder for a healthy lifestyle

INNOBIO Limited | 01-Mar-2016 | Product Brochure

INNOBIO is a leading manufacturer of functional nutritional ingredients and an expert in meeting customer specific requirements. INNOBIO VEGAN CLA TG Powder...


Meratrim® Weight-Loss Brochure

InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc. | 14-Dec-2015 | Product Brochure

New research in overweight adults marks clinical study #3 for Meartrim®! A recent randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study assessed...

Vegetarian Softgels for the Natural Consumer

Vegetarian Softgels for the Natural Consumer

Catalent Pharma Solutions | 30-Nov-2015 | Product Presentation

Download Catalent’s presentation to learn more about consumer trends in the Nutritional Supplement industry such as the increase in demand for natural...

Clinically-Researched Weight-Loss Brands Presentation

Clinically-Researched Weight-Loss Brands Presentation

InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc. | 09-Sep-2015 | Product Presentation

Download InterHealth’s new weight-loss brand presentation that will give you and your team a great overview of Meratrim®, Super CitriMax®, 7-Keto®, LOWAT®...

ALTILIX™, detoxify your body naturally

ALTILIX™, detoxify your body naturally

BIONAP Srl | 01-Aug-2015 | Product Presentation

The artichoke (Cynara cardunculus), which is native to the Mediterranean region, has been grown in Sicily since the classical period of ancient Greece....

Smarter eating starts here: CLARINOL® CLA

Smarter eating starts here: CLARINOL® CLA

Stepan Lipid Nutrition | 10-Nov-2014 | Product Catalog

Discover the difference CLARINOL® CLA can make within your formulation. Available as oils, powders and emulsions, CLARINOL® CLA is GRAS approved and suitable...

Enhanced Recovery and Performance with XSurge™

Enhanced Recovery and Performance with XSurge™

Kemin Human Nutrition & Health | 17-Oct-2014 | Product Brochure

While the goal is to get faster and stronger, repeated exercise routines can leave an athlete feeling just the opposite. Taken as directed, XSurge has...

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