Probiotic manufacturing guidelines, pre-DSHEA probiotic ingredients list and FSMA; a need to know guide for the probiotic industry

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Probiotic manufacturing guidelines,pre-DSHEA probiotic ingredients list and FSMA;a need to know guide for the probiotic industry

Probiotics are unique in every way, from the manufacturing processes, storage & stability needs as well as the analytical requirements to touch but on a few areas. Careful consideration must be taken when it comes to looking at how regulators view their inclusion into guidance’s and guidelines. When creating definitions on how industry should conduct themselves, probiotics cannot be blanketed into all the other food and dietary supplement categories.

This IPA webinar will focus on some of the distinct criteria needed to handle these friendly organisms; from a manufacturing perspective to how a probiotics safe list should be created for the Pre-DSHEA ingredients list, and what does FSMA mean for the probiotic sector. Please join IPA in this exclusive 1 hour webinar to hear about a probiotic safe list, IPA’s probiotic manufacturing guidelines, and FSMA.


Amy B. Smith Amy B. Smith Ph. D. Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs
DuPont Nutrition & Health

Kevin Mehring Kevin Mehring President/CEO (UAS Labs); VP of Executive BOD & Manufacturing Committee Chair (IPA)
UAS Labs and IPA

Abhishek Gurnani Abhishek Gurnani Partner
Amin Talati Upadhye LLP

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