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Pomanox®: Improvement of Performance and Recovery

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Pomanox®: Improvement of Performance and Recovery

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Discover how Pomanox®​ pomegranate fruit extract improved performance after only two weeks, through a randomized, controlled clinical trial.
A randomized, placebo-controlled, cross-over trial from the Department of Health Sciences of the Catholic University of Murcia (Spain) investigated whether a pomegranate extract (Pomanox®​) could improve the performance of trained cyclists (26 completed the study) after an exhausting endurance test. The main results show that 14 days of Pomanox®​ supplementation significantly increased cyclists' time to exhaustion and time to reach VT2 in a maximal exercise test, after a prolonged endurance effort, compared with a placebo. According to the authors, this indicates that both performance and recovery of the cyclists, after a strenuous test (high intensity and duration), increased after 15 days of consumption of the supplement.

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