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PURENERGY™ A Novel Next-Generation Caffeine Alternative

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PURENERGY™ A Novel Next-Generation Caffeine Alternative

Over the past year, highly caffeinated energy beverages and products have been coming under increased regulatory and consumer scrutiny due to the possible risks of consuming high amounts caffeine. Therefore, consumer and governmental groups have advocated for increased regulation of caffeinated products. Developed as a high-quality caffeine alternative by ChromaDex® Inc., PURENERGY​™ provides the energy market with a solution to address growing regulatory scrutiny and consumer expectations. PURENERGY​ is a novel patent-protected ingredient that offers a healthy, functional caffeine solution, and more importantly, it provides the same energy-related benefits as traditional caffeine while enabling a reduction in the amount of caffeine needed in a formulation to produce those results expected by consumers. The first human clinical study on PURENERGY​ was completed, and the results confirmed that PURENERGY​ offers statistically significant energy-related benefits over traditional caffeine.

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