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NutraBIOsciences™ - Clean Label Claim

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NutraBIOsciences™ - Clean Label Claim

Clean label claim emulsifiers are a growing trend within food, beverage and supplements.  Polysorbates and Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO) are being replaced by other emulsifiers influenced by EFSA, FDA and naturally sourced materials.  FDA regulations are becoming more defined regarding what a specific emulsifier can be used for.  For example, FDA GRAS emulsifiers that are used to solubilize other ingredients into beverages have to be approved for such use.  For example, Castor oil, Polyoxyethylated and Polyoxyethylene are approved only for “indirect additives used in food contact” and not acceptable for direct use in food/beverages.  Do you know what is in your product?

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