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New White Paper shows unique antioxidant benefits of i-Sabi™

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New White Paper shows unique antioxidant benefits of i-Sabi™

Immune support, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, detoxification

We are pleased to introduce i-Sabi, a true wasabi japonica. Wasabi- also known as Japanese horseradish is a member of the cruciferous plant family. Famous for its spicy and unique flavor it is used as a complement to garnish sushi. Widely known, but seldom used, it is usually imitated from a preparation of horseradish, mustard seed, and green food coloring since genuine wasabi is rare and extremely expensive. Real wasabi japonica is grown in remote regions of the world where the temperature, elevation and climate must be pristine year round. BioCell Technology has taken careful measures to ensure that i-Sabi is made from the finest harvest available. The leaves are carefully removed from the rhizome which is concentrated and freeze dried to preserve the maximum level of beneficial constituents in i-Sabi.

The Wasabi plant has a naturally activated defense system called the glucosinolate-myrosinase system, which produces powerful antimicrobial antioxidants known as isothiocyanates (ITCs). ITCs naturally protect that plant from dangerous pathogens and plant destroying fungi. ITCs have been extensively researched and have been found to be beneficial for human health. i-Sabi is standardized to contain 15,000 ppm of ITCs.

i-Sabi can be used in a variety of different formulation to support the following:
1. High antioxidant activity, including the ability to enter into cells to protect from dangerous oxidative damage in vitro.
2. Immunomodulatory effects.
3. Strongly inhibits COX-2 expression while allowing the more beneficial COX-1 expression in vitro.
4. Activates the important immune cells called natural killer cells, and actis together with Interleukin-2 to activate these natural killer cells even more in vitro.
5. Protects cells from increased cellular division from the activation of a known mitogen in vitro.

Contact us for a copy of the i-Sabi™ White Paper: Ph. 714-632-1231 or email: vasb@ovbpryygrpuabybtl.pbz​.

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