Managing Cognitive Health Naturally

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As the baby boomers generation comes to age and with longer active working life, there has been a growing need to understand how to maintain the cognitive ability, and memory functions as we age. A human brain has over 20 billion neuron cells, which control every aspect of our brain function including motor function, sensory functions, memory and cognitive function. Though some decline in the above functions with age is considered as normal, it is the accelerated decline in the cognitive abilities, memory loss that is of concern that precipitates in neurological conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and related cognitive in issues.In recent times, we gained knowledge on the immune responses that regulate and also its ability to accelerate cognitive decline, leading to inflammatory theories of cognitive aging and neuro-degeneration.Hence today we see the cognitive decline as result of sustained inflammation. Studies showing co-relation between elevated inflammation markers with decline in cognitive functions have supported this theory.In this presentation we will be looking at certain traditional plants in Ayurveda, which have been used for ages for improving cognitive function and memory. We also will be looking at the active phytochemicals in these plants and their mechanism of action in slowing down the cognitive decline. We will also look at some of the challenges in the clinical set up to study the improvement of the cognitive skills and memory functions.


Anurag Pande Anurag Pande, PhD Vice President, Scientific Affairs
Sabinsa Corporation

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