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MBP® - Clinically Shown to Improve Bone Density

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MBP® - Clinically Shown to Improve Bone Density

Bones are made up of calcium and collagen. Bone structure can be likened to reinforced concrete, where calcium is the cement and collagen is the reinforcing rods. Calcium is needed for bone strength, but without collagen, it has no place to attach to the bones.

MBP® is a natural protein found in trace amounts in milk. It has two key actions. First, it increases the number of osteoblasts — bone-forming cells that create the collagen calcium needs to “stick” to bones. Second, it suppresses osteoclasts — bone-destroying cells that become over-active with age.

Six human clinical studies (including four double-blind placebo-controlled trials) have proven that MBP increases bone mineral density in both young and elderly adults.

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