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LingonMax™ now available from Beijing Gingko Group

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LingonMax™ now available from Beijing Gingko Group

LingonMax™ is a new and unique lingonberry extract from BGG, the world leader in high quality European Bilberry Extract 25%. LingonMax™ contains an array of beneficial compounds including resveratrol, proanthocyanidins and anthocyanins. Studies have shown LingonMax™ is a powerful antioxidant and is a perfect addition to dietary supplement formulas and cosmeceuticals.

BGG has filed two global patents on LingonMax™ to cover both its proprietary extraction and testing process as well as human health applications. ''The potential for this unique lingonberry extract in human health applications was first identified by BGG, but to realize this potential, we had to develop a unique extraction and testing process to fully utilize all of the beneficial compounds in the berry'', states Dr. Jay Lee, President of BGG North America. ''LingonMax™ has an ORAC value of 16,000, two times higher than European bilberry extract 25%, and it has the highest total oxyradical scavaging capacity (TOSC) value, so it is possibly the most potent natural antioxidant on the market. Furthermore, we see tremendous potential for LingonMax™ in cosmeceutical applications. BGG has already run a clinical trial showing LingonMax™ decreases skin spots, wrinkles, eye-bags and sensitivity while at the same time increasing whitening, smoothness, elasticity and moisture.'' Additional BGG research has shown LingonMax™ inhibits both melanin synthesis and tyrosinase more than arbutin.

LingonMax™ is standardized to 35% proanthocyanidins, 10% resveratrol and 10% anthocyanins by HPLC and is readily available for sampling or shipment from BGG's Los Angeles warehouse.

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