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InnoBio® CLA TG –Quality and Consistency in Each Batch

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INNOBIO is proud to offer InnoMega CLA TG as both oil and in a convenient microencapsulated powder form providing a range of formulation options for a variety of products.

InnoMega CLA TG Oilis an excellent choice for softgel formulations and provides a more shelf stable option for finished products. A free fatty acid or ethyl ester can react with other ingredients causing product discoloration or off flavors or smells time. A more stable product means higher consumer satisfaction and greater profits.

InnoMega CLA TG Powderis a robust, free flowing powder, that stands up to formulation stresses exceptionally well. CLA TG Powder is non-greasy, non-caking, easy to use, stable with consistent oil content from batch to batch. An excellent choice for acidic beverages, ready-to-drink formulas, bakery or dairy products.

Consistency and reliability is an important tradition and priority for INNOBIO. We monitor quality at each step of the production process. InnoMega CLA TG is derived from only the highest quality natural safflower oil using an advanced molecular distillation process to produce an extremely pure and consistent product. Our team of professional scientists and engineers stand behind the quality of every product we deliver.

We know that price is always a consideration for our customers and we are proud to offer the highest quality at consistently competitive pricing. Our team of scientists and technicians is ready to assist you with your formulation needs to help you select the most efficient product options and to develop formulation solutions.

INNOBIO maintains a R&D center of excellence and a manufacturing facility that is cGMP, ISO9001, HACCP certified. Strict testing guarantees the highest product quality and consistency.  

Request a sample today and compare InnoMega CLA TG to any product on the market. We guarantee exceptional satisfaction.

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