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InnoBio® BCAA – A Clear Solution for Nutraceutical Drinks

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Branch chain amino acids (BCAA) are essential supplements used by elite athletes for recovery from exercise and to enhance exercise performance. BCAA’s are called essential because they only come from the diet. Now the health conscious consumer can supplement their diet with BCAA’s using convenient sports beverages and ready to drink powders. Convenience and good sensory characteristics are the keys to the success of a BCAA containing product. Historically BCAA products dissolved poorly, tasted bitter, and tended to foam when mixed. BCAA products have also been known to change color when mixed with other ingredients due to a browning reaction.

INNOBIO​ is proud to offer a “clear solution​” to BCAA formulation challenges with  SynnovoTM ​Instantized BCAAs for the instant beverage and powdered drink market. SynnovoTM ​Instantized BCAAs produce a clear, clean tasting, non-foaming beverage without any residue.

  • Self-dissolving, no residue or floating powder
  • Forms a transparent solution, no foaming
  • Micro-encapsulation masks the bitter amino acid taste and prevents cross reaction with other ingredients for consistent even color 
  • Tailor made to meet needs of RTD sport drinks with accurate dosage control per serving
  • Soluble and heat-stable at a low pH, allows thermal processing of a RTD acidic drinks with no loss of clarity or notable viscosity changes
  • High BCAAs total purity -- 98% minimum by HPLC analysis
  • Quick and complete dissolution and non-foaming characteristics streamline the production process and reduce production steps

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