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GELITA - Stand Out from the Crowd with Gelatine

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GELITA - Stand Out from the Crowd with Gelatine

Consumers don't eat to simply satisfy their appetites. They're looking for benefits, other than satiating their hunger. Today's consumers are savvy and have adopted a new approach to food, preferring natural, wholesome, and healthy foods. And, of course, these improved​ foods still have to exhibit the same texture, convenience, and great taste of their "less than healthy" counterparts.

The challenge: Formulate healthier food products without compromising taste, quality, and overall satisfaction.


The solution: GELITA® Gelatine

The Unrivaled Advantages of GELITA® Gelatine
Although many other ingredients have tried to match gelatine's extraordinary capabilities, none have come close to encompassing the special characteristics and capabilities of gelatine.

Gelatine, a safe ingredient, has been around for hundreds of years. Over time, many cultures have considered gelatine a valuable source of protein, as well as a healthy and beneficial food - particularly for skin, hair, nails, and joints. Today, we know that gelatine offers more than just protein enhancement.

GELITA Gelatine Offers:

  • Reduced (or even eliminated) fat and sugar
  • Fewer calories
  • Valuable calories (as they originate from protein rather than fat or sugar)
  • Lower Glycemic index

    Gelatine is a hydrocolloid with the ability to bind water, allowing it to be used for gelling, thickening, and stabilizing foods. This property allows formulators to decrease amounts of sugary​ products for binding by replacing with water and gelatine. Gelatine also forms a thermo-reversible gel that melts in the mouth, creating that smooth and unique mouth feeling...something that no other hydrocolloid can duplicate.

    GELITA Gelatine Features Valuable Properties:
  • Non-allergenic
  • Contains no preservatives
  • Easily digestible
  • Cholesterol-free
  • Zero carbohydrates
  • Gluten-free

    A Market on the Move​...and GELITA is big on innovation

    The food industry is versatile and continuously evolving. Innovation is key in maintaining a competitive advantage. GELITA's product development lab accepts this challenge and helps customers create trend-setting consumer product concepts. Sometimes these innovations are based on the lab's own initiative. Often, though, the innovations are the result of close and confidential collaborations with individual customers. This conserves your internal resources and provides an external view and unbiased contributions from GELITA's Food Applications Lab.

    See for yourself!

    GELITA - Your Partner for Innovation
    With a unique combination of technological functionality and health-promoting properties, GELITA® Gelatine provides grand opportunities for the development of innovative new products.

    GELITA's Food Applications Lab looks forward to addressing your technical questions and assisting in the development of customized, creative, and innovative solutions for your business.

    GELITA - An Element of Our Life

    The GELITA Group, comprising the operating continental units GELITA Europe, GELITA North America, GELITA South America, GELITA Asia Pacific Africa and GELITA Photo, is the world's leading gelatine producer with activities in all major markets.
    The GELITA headquarters in Eberbach, Germany, is the coordination center for research and development, sales, production, communication and other corporate activities. Eberbach also is responsible for the European Market. All North American business is coordinated from Sioux City, Iowa. South America is operated from Cotia, Brazil and in Botany Australia is the headquarters for the Asia Pacific Africa Area. As a pioneer in gelatine production for more than 130 years, the GELITA Group is the gelatine leader creating new industry trends, product innovations and value added tailor-made concepts. Our customers also benefit from our global presence, commitment to research & development, state-of-the-art production, technology, logistics and our understanding of business in multiple continents and cultures.

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