Formulating with prebiotic fibers to create great-tasting healthy products

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Formulating with prebiotic fibers to create great-tasting healthy products
Consumer interest in fiber for digestive health continues to rise. In a 2010 nationwide consumer survey, an astounding 48 % of American consumers reported that they had increased their fiber intake in the last two years, while another 49 % reported that they had mainatained their fiber intake1. Only 2 % of consumers reported that they did not use fiber at all. The same survey showed that 65 % of consumers seek out food products with labels that promote digestive health. Digestive health was in fact ranked the top health and wellness trend in 2010 by New Nutrition Business2.Prebiotics have shown a growth trend that is driving introductions of innovative products featuring an array of health benefits that address current consumer health concerns.The combined Corn Products International-National Starch fiber portfolio is comprised of both highly specialized ingredients,  as well as broad utility fibers. The choice of a prebiotic should be made with the goal of maximizing clinically supported health benefits and minimizing side effects. Due to their stability, excellent organoleptic properties and ease of use, prebiotic fibers such as Purimune™ GOS, NutraFlora® scFOS®and NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber can be incorporated into a wide range of great-tasting foods such as dairy and bakery products, infant formula and foods, cereals, bars and beverages.


Christine Pelkman Christine Pelkman Senior Scientist & Clinical Research Manager
National Starch

Cristina Munteanu Cristina Munteanu Senior Technical Services Specialist
Corn Products International

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