Flex & Go with Peptan Collagen peptides

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Flex & Go with Peptan Collagen peptides
Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and the main component of our connective tissues. A bioactive protein with scientifically proven health benefits, Peptan collagen peptides take an increasingly important role in Sports nutrition by supporting muscle mass, providing energy, and helping weight management. More recently, Peptan has been shown to protect joints and potentially reduce risks of injury.What is the secret to the unique benefits of Peptan collagen peptides? How can Peptan support joint health and help improve athletic performance?In this presentation, we explore the structure of collagen, the unique amino acid profile of collagen peptides, their fast absorption in the body, and the scientific evidence for the benefits they provide for sports nutrition and joint health. The versatility of using Peptan in a wide array of nutritional applications and product formulations will be also demonstrated.


Richard Schell Richard Schell Nutritional Sales Manager

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