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FlaxVigor™ and GrapeVigor™ extracts fortified functional foods

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FlaxVigor™ and GrapeVigor™ extracts fortified functional foods

HANGZHOU, CHINA - As of Thursday, Dec. 20, 2007, the leading Chinese Grape Seed extract and Flax SDG lignan Extract manufacturer, NewCovery Biotech Co., Ltd, announced its most significant and exciting business strategy to functional foods in the new year of 2008. 'We have received orders of very large quantity from food companies to produce the Grape Seed Extract and Flax SDG lignan extract fortified functional biscuits, those revolutionary biscuits will pump the fresh air into today's China snack food market and break the long time slump...', said by Eko Zhuang, the CEO and President of NewCovery Biotech. 'They choose us just for we are the pioneer and truly professional Grape Seed extract manufacturer in China, we've been producing our elaborated grape seed extracts supplied to EU and US market for 7 year since 2000. We are also the pioneer manufacturer of Flax SDG lignan extract in China, besides the popular spec. of 20%~60% SDG we sold to EU and US, we even could supply the top-notch products made by Organic Flax Seeds that is certificated by US national Organic Program...' Both Grape Seed Extract and Flax Seed Extract (SDG lignan) have been ratified by FDA as Dietary Supplements, they will grant excellent healthy efficacy to common foods undoubtedly. The Grape Seed Extract is a well-known strong anti-oxidant and anti-aging ingredient suitable to everyone, the Flax SDG lignan, as a phytoestrogen, is more beneficial to women which will strongly help to prevent mammary cancer and relieve menopausal symptoms with other health promoting efficacies, it is more potent than soy isoflavones and long time consuming will not cause side effects like soy isoflavones. 'NewCovery's FlaxVigor™ and GrapeVigor™ extracts fortified biscuits, bread, when served as breakfast, will lead a high-class healthy life. Ladies and Gentlemen, forget those capsules and tablets! Take our nutrients-fortified breakfast biscuits with a cup of soy milk in every morning, you'll lead a fresh healthy day full of Vigor!' said by Eko Zhuang on press conference. Figure: the popular GrapeVigor™ and FlaxVigor™ extracts elaborated by NewCovery Biotech. The bottom right is our food pigment of Black Rice extract used in the production of the functional foods with its raw material of black rice(left). Figure: Grape and Flax extracts fortified breakfast Biscuits. The left is the Grape Seed Extract fortified flour with the baked biscuits made of it, the right are Flax SDG extract fortified biscuits FlaxVigor™ and GrapeVigor™ are two major popular extracts of NewCovery Biotech, they are comprised of following specifications: GrapeVigor™ Grape Seed Extract (Proanthocyanidins 95%, ORAC 8000-10000) GrapeVigor™ Grape Seed Extract (Polyphenol 85%, Procyanidin B2 > 3%, ORAC 10000-18000) GrapeVigor™ Grape Skin Extract (Polyphenol 25%) FlaxVigor™ Flax Seed Extract (SDG lignan 20%~60%) And we also produce the Black Rice Extract as the food pigment used in functional foods: Black Rice Extract (Pigment of Red Rice Red, anthocyanin 25%) Besides the Grape and Flax seed extract, NewCovery is always ready to expand its products line by marvelous ingredients, please visit our website for the more detailed info at

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