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FlaxVigor™ Golden FlaxSeed Extract

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FlaxVigor™ Golden FlaxSeed Extract

FlaxVigor™ Golden FlaxSeed Extract​ NewCovery Biotech Co.,Ltd is the leading Chinese pioneer of Grape Seed Extract manufacturer and exporter, dedicating to research and production on the line of natural anti-oxidants all along since its foundation. From the year of 2000, we've consecutively supplied tons per year of our raw material to Nutraceutical, Food/Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries. Nowadays we may be not well acquainted widely, it is just because we've been exporting our products mainly through the intermediate trade firms which make us silent and unobtrusive.

Our FlaxVigor™ Flax Seed(hull) Extract is elaborated from a unique wild species flax planted in the HeBei Province of China. Distinct from ordinary dark red flax seeds, this unique flax yields golden sleek flax seeds with higher SDG(secoisolariciresinol diglucoside) lignan content than ordinary flaxseed.


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