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Exclusive Phosphatidylserine - DHA Conjugate

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Exclusive Phosphatidylserine - DHA Conjugate

Sharp●PS™ GOLD - An exclusive phosphatidylserine-DHA conjugate

Sharp●PS™ GOLD​ is a phosphatidylserine (PS)-DHA conjugate which resembles the PS of human brain.

PS​ is an essential phospholipid of brain membranes and an important player in brain-related biochemical pathways. This clinically-proven ingredient is nutritionally supplemented to help adults slowing down and improving age-related decline in memory and other cognitive capabilities, as described in two qualified health claims, approved by the US-FDA.

DHA​ is the major long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid (LC-PUFA) found in the human adult brain, mostly attached to the backbone of phospholipids. Lower levels of phospholipids-DHA have been clinically associated to the decline in a variety of cognitive functions, cognitive impairments and neuropsychiatric disorders, including memory decline, dementia, and depression.

In the past, PS was extracted from bovine brain; however due to concerns about the possible transfer of infectious diseases, PS from this source is no longer being used.

Sharp●PS™ GOLD​ is an exclusive cognitive active ingredient, developed and produced solely by Enzymotec. It mimics the bovine PS in both the glycerophospholipid backbone and the level of DHA attached to this backbone (8% of total PS fatty acids), ensuring higher cognitive efficacy and wider scope of benefits relying on the vast body of clinical trials performed on bovine PS.

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