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Essential Lipids for Life

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Essential Lipids for Life

Omega-3 & 6 EFA concentrates for healthy minds, bodies, & lifestyles! Essential for life - and consumer-focused nutraceuticals. Croda's high purity omega-3 & 6 lipid concentrates provide high levels of EPA, DHA and GLA to help you target specific consumer needs. Our GMP marine and plant lipids, Incromegas and Crossentials, maximize the therapeutic benefits of these essential fatty acids to deliver effective heart, brain, maternal, skin & joint health supplements. Our wide range of clinically-supported concentrates includes 60-95+% total omega-3 & 6 LC-PUFAs in ethyl ester or triglyceride form. Specific fatty acids (eg EPA, DHA, & GLA) are available in concentrations of up to 95+%. With our ultra high purity concentrates, you can achieve: Higher potency formulations - greater health benefits Greater bioavailability - more effective supplementation· Smaller capsules - more EFAs per dose Excellent taste, color, odor & purity profile - happier customers! PureMax - unique technology for concentrated purity Our high purity Incromega omega-3 lipids are obtained via PureMax, a unique purification and concentration technology utilising a minimum of three molecular distillation steps. While removing heavy metals, environmental pollutants and oxidative impurities, PureMax also selectively concentrates EPA and/or DHA. These uniquely-engineered oils provide a high potency source of biologically active omega-3 lipids which surpass every known purity standard, so you and your customers can trust in the purity of the Incromega brand. Click here for more information about PureMax technology

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