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Cynergy™ - Holistic Beauty

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Cynergy™ - Holistic Beauty

Cynergy™ is a duo of skin health ingredients, one topical and one oral. Topical application Cynergy TK™ Oral supplement Cynergy NK™ Cynergy™ is made from Functionalized Keratin™ that is capable of: Reversing the effects of aging skin Protecting the skin against future damage Cynergy™ - holistic beauty 1. Cynergy™ contains Functionalized Keratin™, extracted from natural New Zealand wool. 2. Unlike all other keratins on the market, Functionalized Keratin contains patented intact bioactive keratin proteins that have not been denaturalized through a harsh hydrolyzation process. 3. The Functionalized Keratin™ in Cynergy™, works synergistically on human skin. Cynergy TK™ addresses skin health through topical use and Cynergy NK™ addresses skin health as an oral supplement. 4. The oral component can be incorporated into capsules, beverages and food bars. 5. The topical component can be incorporated into skin creams and toners or any other product where the intent is to deliver healing nutrients directly to the skin or hair. Cynergy™ reduces fine lines and wrinkles Scientific data indicates that the Functionalized Keratin™ in Cynergy TK™ and Cynergy NK™ promotes the proliferation of skin cells. Contains zinc protein complexes in low concentrations that are useful for both repair and maintenance of skin. Contains copper protein complexes in low concentrations that play a fundamental role in skin health, by helping restore the skin's ability to repair itself. Both zinc (Zn) and copper (Cu), once bound to a protein, have been shown to be very effective in regenerating new tissue and increasing the synthesis of structural proteins such as collagen. Figure 1 - Skin cell proliferation Cynergy™ promotes firmness and elasticity in skin Cynergy TK™ proteins have a significant rapid and long-term effect on firmness through increased elasticity and moisture retention. Deep penetration of the Cynergy™ proteins into the skin supports the natural protein structure and assists the skin to bind moisture. This leads to a noticeable improvement in skin properties. Sustained improvement in moisture retention of 14% over 18 days. Sustained improvement in elasticity of 42% over 18 days. Rapid improvement in moisture retention of 27% and 22% over 2.5 and 24 hours respectively. Figure 2 - Skin Hydration Figure 3 - Skin Hydration And Elasticity Cynergy™ reduces redness associated with inflammation or sensitive skin Cynergy NK™ blocks PGE2 production, the major biochemical pathway leading to inflammation and redness in the skin. If left unchecked, over time, this inflammation will lead to a further breakdown of important structural protein in skin. Figure 4 - Cynergy™ Inhibits Prostaglandin E2 Production Cynergy™ improves the brightness and radiance of the skin, giving the face a more even, creamy complexion Cynergy™ promotes the body's own natural antioxidant activity. Cynergy TK™ and Cynergy NK™ contain highly potent antioxidants. Unlike most antioxidants that require one molecule of antioxidant to be sacrificed for every free radical, Cynergy™ is a new concept of enzymatic antioxidant. One molecule of these powerful Cynergy™ enzymatic antioxidants can quench millions of free radicals. Cynergy™ is a Force Multiplier for the Skin's Natural Defence by increasing the production of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione. Oxidative stress from UV exposure and other environmental pollutants can cause the production of melanogenesis (the production of brown colour pigments associated with tanned skin). Use of topical antioxidants can slow or even reverse this process creating a brightening effect for skin. Figure 5 - Glutathione Peroxidase (GSH-PX) Figure 6 - Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) The patented process of manufacture ensures that the bioactive polymers in Cynergy™ remain bio-available to the body and highly effective at supporting and maintaining healthy and youthful looking skin. More documentation about Cynergy™

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