Collagen in motion –How Peptan reduce inflammation and support the regeneration of healthy cartilage and bones

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Bone and Joint Health online event 2016
A prerequisite for good mobility is to keep bones, muscles and especially the joints healthy. This holds true during ageing, where the musculoskeletal system continuously grows less strong, but also under strenuous use such as high-level exercise in athletes. Dietary supplements with proven benefits that can help to enforce the musculoskeletal system are in demand by consumers.Collagen peptides are an increasingly preferred ingredient for joint health formulations, challenging first generation ingredients. New in vivo data provide evidence of how Peptan collagen peptides promote cartilage regeneration in joints and reduce inflammation, adding to existing evidence. Placebo controlled clinical trials demonstrated a significant improvement in joint function and comfort, with Peptan treatment recording a significant decrease of the WOMAC score linked to a 32 % decrease in joint pain and 44 % improvement of stiffness.Collagen provides the organic framework in bones on which minerals are deposited and also contribute to bone flexibility and strength. Multiple In-vivo studies have proven Peptan’s ability to stimulate the endogenous production of collagen in bone tissue, triggering osteoblasts (bone formation cells) and increasing bone size, strength and density.Understanding the mode of action of active ingredients like Peptan are paramount for their long term success and scientific credibility.


Mai Nygaard Mai Nygaard Global Director Peptan

Richard Schell Richard Schell Nutritional Sales Manager

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