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Cha' De Bugre 10:1 Extract

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Cha' De Bugre 10:1 Extract

Nutraceuticals International brings you a new stimulant that works as an appetite suppressant, reduces cellulite... and is good for your heart! Forget Ephedra! Cha'de bugre 10:1 Extract is a powerful addition to your energy and weight loss brands. Long known in Brazil for its stimulant effects, traditionally brewed and served as tea; Cha'de bugre is considered a safe, healthy drink with positive benefits for the heart. Its powerful energy, appetite suppression, and ability to help reduce fatty deposits is making our Cha'de bugre 10:1 a premiere up-and-coming ingredient. Cha'de bugre 10:1 Extract is unlike anything else for energy on the market. In Brazil it is called café do mato, or coffee of the woods for it's powerful stimulant effects. It is brewed in large drums at times of festival in Brazil and the people drink it to sustain their energy thru the night. Cha'de bugre is a very clean energy, the caffeine levels were surprisingly low, but the effects at a 500mg dose was the same as "2 Venti Starbucks." Cha'de bugre 10:1 Extract is a great addition to combination supplements for energy and weight loss. Many manufacturers are finding that it is an excellent product to mix with Hoodia Gordonii because Hoodia's effects seem to intensify when mixed with stimulants like Cha'de bugre 10:1 Extract. Nutraceuticals International has secured a new exclusive contract with the manufacturer in Brazil to create the Cha'de bugre 10:1 extract. This is not common leaf powder traded out of Brazil for use as tea and coffee fillers. Although some other companies are offering this low grade leaf powder and selling it as "Cha'de bugre" Don't fall for it, it a completely different species of plant! This different species does not have the energy effects of our Exclusive Cha'de bugre 10:1 Extract. "It concerns us that people are trying to pass off Brazilian tea leaf powder as Cha'de bugre. We are seeing the same thing is happening with our Cha'de bugre 10:1 Extract as we saw happen with South African Hoodia two years ago. A wonderful new ingredient is brought into the market... and as soon as it becomes popular every company out there launches their version of it which is not the correct species or product. Click here to read more Cha'de Bugre Information Click here to access Cha'de Bugre Certificate of Analysis

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