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Beneficial Bacopa for growing eSports market offers attention & focus

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Beneficial Bacopa for growing eSports market offers attention & focus

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Increasingly eSports athletes are seeking ways to maintain focus and mental clarity without jitters or negative side effects in an effort to reach peak performance and remain calm under pressure. Further, there’s an uptick in eSports players turning to natural and healthy alternatives. Bacopa monnieri​ extract offers multiple benefits to cognitive health through increased focus, attention, memory, and overall mood, all of which may improve gameplay. 

With nearly 200 institutions in the United States alone offering athletic scholarships for eSports, increasing numbers of up-and-coming gamers are also students. These students need sharp mental focus to keep up with the demands of collegiate coursework and remain competitive in the arena. In a clinical study conducted on healthy students, it was found that “…[t]he neuropsychological measures for efficiency of attention, freedom from distractibility, and working memory improved significantly.”

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