Almega PL™ omega-3s from the original source—algae

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Almega PL™ omega-3s from the original source—algae
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Almega PL is a vegetarian, EPA-rich omega-3 oil from sustainably sourced microalgae. Unlike omega-3s from fish and krill (who derive their omega-3s from the algae they eat), Almega PL comes straight from the source. Manufactured by Qualitas Health, a leader in microalgae systems, Almega PL is an environmentally sustainable and scalable source of omega-3 LC-PUFAs.

It’s developed using a proprietary strain of omega-3s conjugated with both polar lipids (phospholipids and glycolipids). The process results in a molecular structure that has been clinically shown to offer superior bioavailability.

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