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A Pure, Potent Joint Health Alternative

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A Pure, Potent Joint Health Alternative

Cynatine FLX™ is a natural alternative to glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate, combining potent joint health and anti-oxidant properties into a single premium ingredient extracted from pure New Zealand wool protein. It is manufactured from keratin, a group of more than 200 proteins that provide the protective and strengthening properties of skin, hair, wool and feathers. These proteins are normally non-soluble and indigestible. Keratec Ltd, the designer and manufacturer of Cynatine FLX™, has developed patent-protected ways of extracting natural keratin in soluble and digestible form, leaving its natural amino acid structure intact. Four powerful benefits in a single ingredient Joint health: Helps to prevent joint breakdown and build joint resilience Anti-inflammatory effect Anti-oxidant properties: Glutathione building block Direct protection against ROS CYNATINE FLX™ - SAFE, DIGESTIBLE, NON-ALLERGENIC, NATURAL Cynatine FLX™ provides targeted benefits for four key metabolic reactions. It: stimulates the body's proteoglycan synthesis to prevent joint breakdown and increase shock absorption generates taurine with anti-inflammatory properties for joints improves the body's ability to produce glutathione, the body's own anti-oxidant defence mechanism directly protects the body from harmful reactive oxygen species (ROS) THE FOURFOLD ACTION 1. Helps to prevent joint breakdown and build joint resilience During metabolic breakdown of Cynatine, peptides, amino acids and sulfuric containing compounds are created. The body uses sulfur in two key metabolisms. One is to assist CDO, an enzyme that generates natural inorganic sulphate from cysteine. This is used for the sulfation of proteoglycans - the sugar-protein polymers in our joints that are required for joint mobility, strength and particularly resistance to compression. Joints deteriorate without this sulfation activity. 2. Anti-inflammatory effect Aged joints and joints with health problems show defective cysteine metabolism. Cysteine is especially important for joint health because it generates taurine, an important anti-inflammatory that is deficient in sufferers of joint health problems. The more cysteine available, the greater the supply of taurine to the body, helping to reduce joint inflammation 3. A glutathione building block increasing anti-oxidant levels Anti-oxidants are vital to the long-term health of joints. Glutathione is a major anti-oxidant present in all parts of the body. However, scientific literature has shown that the body has a limited ability to access glutathione when it is taken as a supplement. Because Cynatine FLX™ delivers intact natural cysteine, glycine and glutamic acid, it works in concert with the cell's own anti-oxidant mechanism, enabling the body to boost its own glutathione levels. 4. Provides cells with direct protection against ROS Anti-oxidants are important aids in preventing joint breakdown and joint repair. Keratec's purification process provides Cynatine FLX™ with natural amino acids which posses a high level of anti-oxidant activity. Cynatine FLX™ feeds anti-oxidants directly to cells, providing them with direct protection against ROS (reactive oxygen species or oxidants). The natural amino acids in Cynatine FLX™ help to maintain the joint's anti-oxidant status and prevents oxidative stress from occurring. New proteins are always needed to keep joints in good repair. Cynatine FLX™ provides an excellent source of essential amino acids that are required to make new joint specific proteins. The Natural Alternative Cynatine FLX™ is a natural alternative to a range of joint health and anti-oxidant ingredients. It provides a non-allergenic alternative to shrimp, unlike most glucosamine ingredients. It contains no products derived from processed animal cartilage, unlike most chondroitin ingredients. It generates naturally-occuring amino acids like cysteine, serine and arginine during digestion, unlike synthetic ingredients. As a soluble, digestible, non-degrading compound, Cynatine FLX™ requires no undesirable stabilizers such as sulphate or HCl; as an intact keratin source, it provides full-strength biochemical interventions. Cynatine is sourced from pure New Zealand wool, direct from the farmer and based on rigorous quality specifications. It can be supplied as a powder or a liquid. Click here to read Cynatine's Clinical Documentation Click here to read Cynatine's Background Documentation Click here to read Cynatine's Glossary

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