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Fermentalg-Providing a better nutritional profile with new plant-based omega-3

Content provided BY Fermentalg

Providing a better nutritional profile with new plant-based omega-3

At the origin of plant life, microalgae are a well-established source of health ingredients, and notably long-chain omega-3s such as DHA. Although microalgae represent a rich, sustainable and renewable source of various healthy compounds, not all species...

A natural way to support men’s urinary health

Content provided BY IFF Health

A natural way to support men’s urinary health

Waking up several times at night to use the bathroom. An urge to run to the toilet all the time. A feeling of not being able to hold it in for long. These are all common experiences for the millions of consumers affected by lower urinary tract symptoms...

A nootropic tomato extract for better cognitive functions

Content provided BY FARAVELLI, The Best Ingredients for a better life!

Noomato, a cognitive nootropic

Noomato is a nootropic extract from a special non-GM cultivar of the common tomato plant (Solanum lycopersicum). It improves cognitive function in stressful conditions.

Frutarom Netherlands BV-Promotional feature-Protect your heart with Benolea-Food-January-2019

Content provided BY IFF Health

Protect your heart with Benolea

High blood pressure continues to plague America, especially as life expectancy and aging of the general population continues to increase. A new statistic estimated 103 million, or about half, of U.S. adults to have high blood pressure

Natural mixology: Blending form and function

Content provided BY Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes

Natural mixology: blending form and function

Sparkling beverages and seltzers, kombuchas, exotic juice blends targeted for sleep or energy, cardio care and more – consumers are drinking these with gusto. Packaged snacks and foods with health benefits are also witnessing potent growth. Just one...

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