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Little innovation in oral care leaves consumers desperate for solutions against bad breath removal
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Little innovation in oral care leaves consumers desperate for solutions against bad breath removal

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If the eyes are the window to your soul, the mouth is the window to your health! The American Dental Association and WHO acknowledges that first signs of general infection and systemic diseases can show in the mouth [1]. Nonetheless, little to no disruption is happening in the oral care category, with the electric toothbrush being the last groundbreaking innovation almost 70 years ago.


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Toothbrushing, mouthwash, chewing gum and breath mints have been the primary routine for many years for people to take care of their oral health and manage bad breath. These traditional remedies are well integrated in most consumers’ lives, but they are considered insufficient by more and more consumers because they are not convenient and have short-lived effects as well. Some oral care products even contain biocidal compounds, i.e. compounds that kill living organisms. This negatively impacts the oral microbiome [3] since some bacteria in the oral cavity are crucial to support a healthy oral microbiome [4]. It has been substantiated by research that the oral microbiome supports vital functions like blood pressure [5] resistance towards bacterial and viral infection, and more [4]. It seems counterintuitive that in the quest of getting fresher breath people actually risk destroying their oral microbiome with their everyday oral care products.

With up to 50 % of consumers reporting that their bad breath has concerned them at some point in their life [6] there is a call to action for innovators to challenge the status quo and bring products to market that can alleviate consumers from their bad breath.

If you eat food, you risk having bad breath. Consumers report that bad breath can ruin intimate moments and cause frustration and anxiety. According to Novozymes OneHealth consumer insights, 70 % of consumers fear that their bad breath will affect the intimacy with their loved ones [6].

Consumers are longing for products that are effective, fast-acting, long-lasting and in a convenient on-the-go format [6] which no single product today can deliver. The growing gap between consumers’ expectations of oral care products and the products that are currently available to them drives the demand for effective, long-lasting, and convenient solutions. Until now this remains an untapped market.

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Introducing BioFresh 4+

With BioFresh 4+, Novozymes OneHealth has launched a global war on bad breath! BioFresh 4+ utilizes a unique mode of action that combines nature’s own defense mechanisms with natural enzymes to provide an effective and long-lasting fresh breath. BioFresh 4+ is not formulated with any biocidal compounds. BioFresh 4+ is clinically shown to instantly relieve bad breath with a long-lasting effect of up to 4 hours. [8]

Available in convenient formats such as lozenges and tablets, BioFresh 4+ provides the all-in-one solution that consumers are so desperately craving for.



Novozymes OneHealth is the human health venture of biotech giant Novozymes A/S. Novozymes OneHealth’s mission is to help people live healthier and better lives by rethinking tomorrow within human health and finding the one-in-a-trillion verifiable biology-based solutions (e.g. microbes and enzymes) that can be proven to support profound consumer health challenges related to modern lifestyles. Novozymes OneHealth solutions offer clear mode-of-actions and they are proven by clinical studies. In Novozymes OneHealth, consumer data and insights are the starting point to support the quest of finding solutions to modern-day health problems.



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