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Beauty breakthrough: The role of bioavailable nutrients in the clean beauty and healthy aging market

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It's a good time to be in the beauty industry. Stats​ (Business Stats News, 2020) have reported that clean beauty products, including supplements that are safe, are on the rise and projected to continue trending upward through 2025.

Even COVID-19 had an impact on how consumers behave in the beauty market, increasing awareness for their overall health and wellness. This heightened awareness expands into what they incorporate into their diet. All of this has led to a higher affinity for beauty products and relative supplements that are as transparent as they are effective.

In turn, this demand has created a greater need for wholesome nutrients and efficacious ingredients. The good news for brands is that there is an abundance of bioavailable nutrients to utilize in their formulas. The desire for such nutrients lies in their ability to help to increase collagen production, reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and redness, improve skin elasticity, and support the overall healthy aging process.

You might be thinking, “those sound like great benefits, but what exactly is a bioavailable nutrient?” In short, bioavailability quantifies the successful absorption and metabolism of nutrients through a person’s digestive system.

A well-balanced intake of bioavailable nutrients is essential for overall health and wellness. That’s because nutrients affect everything from bone strength and hair growth to energy levels and skin health.

When it comes to beauty and healthy aging, three bioavailable nutrients that are known for improving the appearance of hair, skin, and nails are arginine, silicon, and biotin.

Arginine is one of 20 amino acids your body uses to function properly. To keep skin firm and regenerative, arginine boosts the production of collagen — the most abundant protein in the body. Additionally, arginine converts to nitric oxide inside the body. Nitric oxide is a natural vasodilator, which causes blood vessels to expand. It also has anti-bacterial properties. Both of these allow arginine to act as a powerful healthy aging agent.

Speaking of healthy aging, products that can combat the natural aging process make up one of the largest portions of the clean beauty market and had an estimated revenue value​ (Statista, 2021) of $58.5 billion in 2020. What’s more impressive is that this value is projected to grow over the next five years.

Those who are older seek healthy aging solutions for a myriad of reasons. The most straightforward is the desire for a more youthful complexion and overall appearance, which includes hair and nail health. Beyond that, aging skin can also lead to a greater vulnerability for infection, tendency to bruise, and sensitivity to external factors. For others, price, simplicity, and safety all play a factor, as many cosmetic procedures and surgeries can be costly, time consuming, and riskier.

Another great, highly effective solution for hair and nails is the element silicon. Since silicon is naturally present in hair and nails, introducing more silicon to the body can reduce the likelihood of hair loss and result in less brittle nails.

Lastly, let’s talk biotin. A part of the vitamin B family, biotin is found in many foods. It is known for maintaining healthy hair, stimulating keratin production to increase hair follicle growth, and keeping skin vibrant by promoting cell growth.

Recognizing the benefits of these three bioavailable nutrients, ingredient developer and supplier Nutrition21 presented wellness and beauty brands with a revolutionary ingredient that fuses the benefits of each. This highly effective beauty complex is called Lustriva™​.  Through the combination of Bonded Arginine Silicate and Magnesium Biotinate, the Lustriva complex utilizes uniquely efficacious doses of biotin and silicon to provide nutritional and structural support for skin and hair, and arginine to improve blood flow for enhanced nutrient delivery and activity.

To show Lustriva’s efficacy, a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study and 28 supporting research studies were conducted. The findings revealed that Lustriva provides an enhanced absorption of nutrients to help promote healthier looking hair and skin.

Lustriva is unique in that its form of biotin has 40x greater solubility than D-biotin. Lustriva has been clinically shown to increase hair growth in as little as three weeks, reduce facial wrinkles, fine lines1​, and improve skin texture.1


This kind of insightful ingenuity is what will continue propelling the clean beauty industry forward to continuously meet the needs of consumers looking for solutions with high nutritional value and visible results. With the demand for healthy aging products also on the rise, supplements that harness the power of bioavailable nutrients like Lustriva, are likely to be at the forefront of this explosive market.



1​Compared to start of treatment after 12 weeks. 


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