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A.I. platform Canomiks partners with startup accelerator

By Hank Schultz

Canomiks, a startup that filters genomics data through an A.I. platform to drive ingredient development, has entered into a partnership with KiwiTech LLC, an investment platform that provides ‘support ecosystems’ for growth stage companies.

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Can psychobiotics soothe a simmering post-happy world?

By Will Chu

Gut-brain axis (GBX)-focused probiotic supplements have tripled to 200+ offerings since 2019, as promising science and self-medicating consumers seek solutions to a global mental health crisis afflicting a billion people, according to Lumina Intelligence.

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UK’s FSA unveils list of permitted CBD products

By Kavitha Sivasubramaniam

The UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) has released a list of cannabinoid (CBD) products which can be sold to consumers, becoming the first country globally to regulate the market for orally consumed, safe legal cannabis extracts.

NutraWomen Wednesday: Laura Katz, CEO of Helaina

NutraWomen Wednesday: Laura Katz, CEO of Helaina

By Danielle Masterson

Laura Katz founded a company on the belief that breastfeeding should not define the health of a child—or the worth of a parent. Helaina is a company that uses precision fermentation to reinvent infant formula by producing functional proteins through microbial...

Norilia roars into Expo West with savory protein

Norilia roars into Expo West with savory protein

By Danielle Masterson

Expo West attracted over 2,700 exhibitors and packed the house with a variety of proteins featuring unique flavors and ingredients. Of the thousands of new products to debut, one stood out. Not just because it’s a raman flavored protein served hot—but...

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Pets take on human trends at Expo West

By Danielle Masterson

Nearly 1 in 5 American households nationwide adopted a pet during the pandemic, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

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Stress: What can you claim on a product label?

By Danielle Masterson

According to the 2021 CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements, 16% of dietary supplement users said they turned to supplements for mental health support (e.g. anxiety, depression, stress management).

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