Kellogg settlement on attention cereal claims rejected

Kellogg settlement on attention cereal claims rejected

By Oliver Nieburg

Kellogg will need to negotiate a new deal in a class action dispute over advertising claims for its Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal after a US federal appeals court rejected a $10.7m settlement.

Jack3d Micro: 'Creatine, Beta-Alanine and DMAA are great but not right for every situation....'

Coming to a store near you: Jack3d Micro (minus the DMAA)

By Elaine Watson

While USPLabs has strongly defended the safety, efficacy and legal status of DMAA - the star ingredient in top-selling pre-workout supplement Jack3d - it has been working on a new variant called Jack3d Micro that excludes the controversial stimulant.

POM Wonderful and Procter & Gamble join the CRN

POM Wonderful and Procter & Gamble join the CRN

By Elaine Watson

Consumer packaged goods giant Procter & Gamble and pomegranate juice maker POM Wonderful are among six new firms to join the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) this month.

Schiff Nutrition is based in Salt Lake City with a sales office in Bentonville and a sourcing office in Beijing

Our brand-building strategy is paying off, says Schiff Nutrition boss

By Elaine Watson

Schiff Nutrition’s decision to pump all available cash into branding and innovation instead of deep discounts has paid off for its Move Free joint care brand, with posted a 25% surge in sales in the third quarter in a category that was “basically flat”,...

Werner Bauer says good scientific data is 'essential' for communication ... and to substantiate health claims.

Nestlé Clinical Development Unit inauguration

Nestlé centralises clinical research in new centre

By Nathan Gray in Lausanne, Switzerland

Nestlé will centralise the development and management of all of its clinical trials, after the inauguration of its new clinical development unit and metabolic research centre in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Coke backs SATIN satiety project to battle obesity

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2012

Coca-Cola bites into EU-backed obesity project

By Shane Starling from Geneva

What is the world's biggest carbonated beverage company doing in a European Union satiety research project? Why, collaborating to battle obesity of course…

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