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12 Reasons MenaQ7® is the Superior Vitamin K2

NattoPharma USA, Inc. | 11-Sep-2017 | Data Sheet

Vitamin K2 as MK-7 supplements are truly changing the face of global health, benefiting old and young alike. We know this because NattoPharma has single-handedly...


Strategic Nutrition for Heart Health-Part II

Fortitech® Premixes by DSM | 21-Jun-2017 | Technical / White Paper

Consumers are increasingly shopping for heart healthy products. Identify nutrients that can help differentiate your products and learn how custom nutrient...

Fighting abrasive wear of punches & dies

Fighting abrasive wear of punches & dies

I Holland | 05-Jun-2017 | Technical / White Paper

Manufacturers face several challenges when compressing nutraceutical tablets, many of which are unrefined natural ingredients that are abrasive, corrosive...

Harmful Ingredients in Sports Supplements

Harmful Ingredients in Sports Supplements

NSF International | 16-May-2017 | Technical / White Paper

Recent studies by NSF International found that some supplements in the global market contain harmful ingredients and contaminants, including drugs and...


The Advantages of Custom Powder Blends

Information not available | 20-Mar-2017 | Technical / White Paper

With powder engineering we change and improve the physical characteristics of the material. We can make materials denser, flow better, more granular, or...

New Market Study Reveals K2 Stability Problem

New Market Study Reveals K2 Stability Problem

Kappa Bioscience, Manufacturer and supplier of premium Vitamin K2 MK-7 through organic synthesis | 16-Mar-2017 | Research Study

Half of all vitamin K2 products tested in a 2016 Market Study missed label claim by 50% or more. One-in-five demonstrated no measurable K2 content (zero)....


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