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NutraWomen Wednesday: Regina Wallace-Jones of Mindbody

NutraWomen Wednesday: Regina Wallace-Jones of Mindbody

By Danielle Masterson

Regina Wallace-Jones has spent over two decades working in engineering, security, and data-driven expansion for tech companies, like Motorola, Yahoo, and Facebook. Two years ago she joined Mindbody, a software service for the wellness industry.

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Study explores kidney-related benefits of vitamin D

By Danielle Masterson

The effect of vitamin D supplementation on kidney health is still unclear. A recent large-scale study in a population with prediabetes did not find marked differences between vitamin D and placebo groups, but a urine protein measure suggested a potential...

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L. reuteri strain shows anti-obesity potential in RCT

By Stephen Daniells

Supplementation with a specific Limosilactobacillus strain may help reduce BMI and improve social communication and interaction, and overall development in obese individuals with a genetic condition, says a new study from Massachusetts General Hospital.

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