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The nootropics industry has the potential to reach the 380 milllion individuals that make up the eSports community.  ©GettyImages/gorodenkoff

Special edition: Nootropics

Nootropics industry has a largely untapped opportunity in eSports

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Consumer needs of the competitive online gaming community have evolved beyond chugging caffeine-laden energy drinks and towards more sophisticated functional formulations of nootropics—dietary supplements that claim to improve mental acuity, vision, and...

According to Zenwise Health's CEO and founder, AJ Patel, the company's enzyme supplement is the most popular.

Zenwise Health founder: ‘E-commerce lets us be nimble’

By Adi Menayang

The Florida-headquartered supplement brand Zenwise Health has had triple-digit growth in revenue year-over-year continuously since it started in 2014. Founder AJ Patel attributed this to the nimbleness of being an online-only brand.

© Getty Images / olm26250

Study links lutein levels to higher IQ

By Stephen Daniells

Superior macula pigment optical density (MPOD) – a measure of lutein levels in the eye and brain – is associated with higher IQ levels, says a new study.

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