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State of the market: After Atkins and beyond

State of the market: After Atkins and beyond

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10 am - 11 am (EDT, New-York)

This webinar is part of the WeightManagement2010 virtual conference and expo.

The weight management market is estimated by some to be worth $20bn. This presentation will chart the rise of the weight management sector, with special focus on dietary programs​ to achieve weight management, from Atkins​ to GI​ and Weight Watchers​. Such programs have attracted big consumer followings, and some manufacturers are getting on board by producing ranges of reduced fat​ and reduced sugar foods​. This session will look at understanding the success and failures of current programs and how to predict the next big thing.


Caroline SCOTT-THOMAS, Reporter, Food Navigator USA


Don MONTUORI, V.P Publishing, Packaged facts