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SportsNutrition2011: Formulating for New Markets

SportsNutrition2011: Formulating for New Markets

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NutraIngredients-USA presents the first virtual conference on the future of sports nutrition. Once the domain of the overly muscular, the sports nutrition market is now dominated by the non-sporty consumer. The most recent figures available value the global sports nutrition market at a massive US$4.7bn, with North America ($3.2bn) and western Europe ($713.6m) dominating the podium.The Sports Nutrition Virtual Conference will look at the science underlying the segments’ success and uncover which ingredients are set to become future champions in sports nutrition.

Who will visit?
Sports Nutrition targets formulators and marketers developing sports foods, beverages and supplements.

Conference program
(All times are EST - New York)
10:30 am - 11 :30 am Delivery systems: Which formats are working and with whom11:30 am - 12:30 pm Formulating the ultimate sports beverage12:30 pm - 1:30 pm Ensuring the integrity of the supply chain: Panel discussion
How does a virtual conference work?
Sports Nutrition extends the reach of a traditional conference or trade show. It is just like a physical conference or a show, but without leaving your desk!
  • Attend live conferences with well-reputed speakers
  • Meet leading ingredients companies
  • Download the latest information on ingredients & formulation
  • Network with suppliers and industry experts

A virtual conference just like a physical one! During this one-day virtual show, you can meet and interact with representatives of leading ingredients companies to help you design new or improved solutions in the core areas in sports nutrition:

Alpha-GPC | Co-Q10 | Isomaltulose | Amino acids | Creatine | Ribose | Betaine | Ginkgo bilobaTongkat | Caffeine | Ginseng | Whey protein | Carnitine | Guarana | Yerba maté